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    sauce forgrilled quailin a wine with “Yiam gooseberry jam”

    Sauce forgrilled quailin a wine with “Yiam gooseberry jam” 2 bottles of  Merlot wine (dry white) 2 bay leaves 1 tablespoonful pink pepper 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoonfuls  “Yiam gooseberry jam” 100g butter, melted Pour the wine in a small saucepan. Add  all remaining ingredients but the jam, and simmer until  1/3 of original volume. Strain […]

    Saganaki cheese with dried figs with mavrodaphne wine and black pepper yiam

    Ingredientes for 2 people:

    Ideas to cook with “yiam florina peppers, sweet and hot sauce”

    Ideas to cook with “yiam sweet & hot Florina peppers” It is a sauce, but it has the savor of a jam. Sweet and hot. It kicks me off my feet! I keep a jar in my workshop and every day I feel the need to open it and have a bite…just to remind me […]

    recipes for salads and appetizers with yiam

    There are some small tips to help you always make successful salads that become the center of your daily or holiday table . Wash vegetables thoroughly, dry them well preferably using a carousel which is ideal for this task, add a lot of fresh herbs and of wide variety. All leafy vegetables can be combined. […]

    quail filled with cheese and “yiam gooseberries with red wine”

    For 6 6 quails Hard yellow cheese (kefalotyri, gruyere etc) Dry red wine Salt and pepper Bayleaves 1 jar γiαm gooseberries jam with red wine 1.5 – 2kg small potatoes Portobello mushrooms Olive oil. Season the quail with the salt and pepper and coat well with olive oil. Leave in the refrigerator for awhile. Cut the […]

    Ragout potatoes with sausage and pesto yiam sun-dried tomatoes

    For 4 people 500gr. rural-style sausage 2 kilos of potatoes 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 150gr. olive oil 3 tbl. Pesto sun-dried cherry tomatoes and oregano yiam Salt, Pepper 1 bay leaf. Chop the onion and the garlic, cut the sausage into slices 2 cm and the potatoes at 6. In a wide pot, sauté the onion, […]

    Baked chicken with lemons and limes jam yiam

    Ingredientes for 4-5 people

    Tortellini with sun dried tomatoes pesto yiam and Florina peppers dip yiam

    Ingredientes for 4 people:

    Linguini with meatballs in tomatoes with olives and fresh spearmint sauce yiam

    Ingredientes for 4-5 people:

    lettuce salad with “yiam strawberry and balsamic sweet preserve”

    Serves 4 1 lettuce 1 jar yiam strawberry and balsamic sweet preserve 50ml balsamic 10 basil leaves, cut into large pieces 2 tomatoes, cut into 8 pieces 100gr hard yellow cheese (e.g. gruyere) in fine slices 100ml olive oil 1tbsp roasted sesame seeds Salt Wash well and cut the lettuce, mix with the tomatoes and basil […]