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Just like a homemade meal

Yiam flavor lab creates meals using the best available ingredients
and we always try for a new taste based on classic Greek recipes.
We prepare cooked meals ready to eat after just reheating. They
contain no preservatives and can be consumed within 3 months, if
refrigerated, and within 3 days after opening.

Greek Bean Soup with sausage

Hand made Greek food ready to eat n.w. 370...

Pork and peppers in wine sauce

Hand made Greek food ready to eat n.w. 370...

yiam food-box 7 days

The food of the week!
10 jars with ready cooked food! and a surprise gift!No preservatives, no additives! Pure homemade food for every day!
We choose Greek organic meat from Bairamoglou Farm, fresh vegetables and only extra virgin olive oil.


seasoning by Cokos

Umami is the fifth flavor after salty, sweet, sour and bitter. That’s why go “mmmm” when you like a plate. It is present in almost every cooked food, whether natural or artificial. Ooh mommy is a new salt mixture rich in umami. You can marinate the meats and vegetables, salt the salads or have it in a bowl on the table for roasts, like you do with soy sauce for sushi.


Avra and Cokos

Avra has had a lifelong love of Nature and left the city to settle in
the Greek countryside.
She ran a farm growing all sorts of vegetables as well as farm
animals. 20 years ago Avra started cooking for friends, besides the
family, and this grew to today’s Yiam flavor lab.
Since then she has filled her jars with every taste provided by the
vast Greek food traditions, firmly rooted as it is in all of Mother
Nature’s products.
Cokos, her eldest son, now a chef in his own right, has trained and
worked in kitchens all over the world, from Zurich to Bangkok, by
the side of master chefs such as Chef  Joël Robuchon (Paris)
“Chef of the Century”, τον Chef Juan Mari Arzak Arratibel  (San
Sebastián, Spain) New Basque Cuisine, τον Chef Andoni Luis
Aduriz of Mugaritz Errenteria, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Now back home in Ayia (Thessaly region) is at his most creative
and continues to explore and create new recipes in the Yiam
family context.


Since 1998

Yiam flavor lab has been preparing many traditional and novel recipes and
preserving them in jars that travel over the world and our fans have made it a
priority to brighten their life with the best quality in prepared meals.