Pork in wine sauce with sweet peppers and basmati

Pork in wine sauce with sweet peppers and basmati

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Serve our YIAM pork in wine sauce with sweet peppers and basmati rice for a memorable homemade dish.
Unlike the usual roast or grilled pork, this will be a much juicier dish with its tasty wine sauce

We slow-cook our pork, just like at home, so as to keep it moist all the way through.

The sweet peppers of all colours are cut in large chunks so that your plate is bright like a summer day.

This is one of our favorite meals in a jar and we believe you will love its taste and quality.


To serve two :


One jar of YIAM pork in wine sauce

250 gr basmati rice


Preparation :


Boil the rice according to the instructions on the package or as you usually cook rice to your taste.
Empty the jar of pork in a small pan, add one or two spoonfuls of water and heat on low. Alternatively heat it in the microwave, as per the instructions.
When the rice is done, add some butter to taste, serve and cover with the pork in wine sauce and sweet peppers
You can substitute the basmati with any rice you like or even potatoes, boiled, fried or mashed.
For side dishes, your favourite salad and cheese will be perfect.

Accompany the food with a sweet Gruyere or  with a slice of barrel feta Greek cheese or even with the grilled yam manouri cheese.

We can use some other type of rice but with basmati we will have the best results.

The pork wine is served with many side dishes such as french fries, mashed potatoes and a green mixed salad.


Also try along with basmati rice and cuttlefish with spinach another wonderful homemade food from yiam

Drink a red wine from Manolidis Winery