tips for the best salad

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tips for successful salads

There are some small tips to help you always make successful salads that become the center of your daily or holiday table .
Wash vegetables thoroughly, dry them well preferably using a carousel which is ideal for this task, add a lot of fresh herbs and of wide variety.
All leafy vegetables can be combined.
Even cabbages add a nice crunchy character in a salad with other greens and tastes even better if you separate the leaves and cut them in large pieces by hand.

Other ingredients that can rise a salad to whole new level are: raisins, small pieces of fresh orange, lemon zest, pear, thin slices of apple, little pieces of pine-apple, thinly sliced or cubed dried figs, dried apricots, dried prunes, roasted sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond slices, walnuts.
Flakes of ripened yellow cheese (gruyer, pecorino, regato, parmigiano, smoked cheese), fresh white cheese (feta, fresh unsalted cheese, etc).
Also pieces of fried hard cheese (saganaki) like gruyer or other hard cheese that will not melt too much.

Jams made of lemon, orange or gooseberries blended in the salad dressing to give an extra fruit flavor.
And most important of all is choosing an extra virgin olive oil to combine all the flavors with its fruity aroma.


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