Always make successful salads

Always make successful salads

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There are some small tips to help you always make successful salads.
That become the center of your daily or holiday table.
Salads to be discussed, salads that will always be successful and will end in the first round…



Good washing vegetables, good drying preferably in a carousel for this job, lots of fresh herbs and great variety.
All leafy vegetables can be married.
Even the cabbages give a very nice crunchy texture to a salad with others green vegetables and it is very nice if you separate the leaves and cut them by hand into large pieces.
The other ingredients that can make a salad take off are…
Raisins, pieces of fresh orange, zest of lemons, pear, apple in thin slices, pineapple in pieces.
You can also add dried figs into thin slices or cubes, dried apricots and prunes.
Roasted sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pasatempos, almond fillets and walnuts will give a crispier texture.

Ripe yellow cheeses in skins, gruyere, pecorino, regato, parmesan, metsovone, but also manouri roasted yiam would fit perfectly.
Fresh white cheeses, feta cheese, cream cheese, sour cheese, cottage cheese.
Saganaki cheese in pieces… from kefalotyri or batzo or formaela local cheese.
Lemon, orange or gooseberry jams diluted in the sauce we will make for the salad to give extra fruit flavor.
The caper yahni with olives and the strawberries in balsamic go perfectly, of course…

And most importantly, you have chosen an extra virgin olive oil to combine the flavors with its fruity aroma.

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