Pork shank with dried figs and mavrodafni sweet wine

Pork shank with dried figs and mavrodafni sweet wine

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Pork knuckle is now a classic Greek food.
Today we make it even more delicious with a simple addition of mavrodafni sweet local wine.
So pork shank with dried figs and mavrodafni sweet wine the perfect matching.
I already imagine some of you thought go spoiled lentils.
What catches them and they make such combinations?
But when you try this pork knuckle with dried figs and mavrodafni with black peppers, then you will change your mind.
You will immediately include it in your favorite recipes and you will make it at every opportunity you want to impress your guests.

Because the shank takes a long time to bake, it is not worth putting just one…
Start with at least two and in four you will have the best result and of course economy in PPC


Materials for 4 people


4 pcs. pork shank
4 dried onions
4 cloves garlic
2 tbsp mustard
2 liters of beef broth
1 jar of dried figs with mavrodafni syrup and black pepper
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp. thyme for each knuckle
enough fresh rosemary do not regret it




Coarsely chop the onions, melt the garlic, sauté, add the mustard, thyme and meat to sauté well.
Add the beef broth or whatever you want and the dried figs with the syrup.
Transfer it to a pan in the oven that fits tightly.
A hull is the best choice but to put oil glue on the bottom and cover them with an oil glue so that they do not burn.
Place the sprigs of rosemary at the bottom and put the knuckles on top.
Pour all the sauce on top, cover as we said with oil paste and the lid…

And cook to be simmered until it melts… (170 ° C) for three hours or even four hours for five hours depending on the size of each knuckle !!… ..
We will melt the sauce that we will collect from the utensil in a multi and they will accompany the meat.
It goes very well with a rice that you can put in and pieces of dried figs or with a mashed potato.


Pork shank with dried figs and mavrodafni sweet wine


Pork shank with dried figs and mavrodafni sweet local wine is one of your favorite meals…

Because it has mavrodafni you will accompany it with a strong red wine from Manolidis Winery


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