Lemon yogurt trifle with sweet balsamic strawberries.

Lemon yogurt trifle with sweet balsamic strawberries.

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A delicious trifle of lemon yogurt and sweet strawberries with balsamic.
A recipe from sweetly.gr blog by Ioanna Stamoulou using some of YIAM’s best.
A quick and easy, delightful trifle using only three ingredients.

So here it is, a trifle of cookies, yogurt-lemon cream and sweet strawberries with balsamic.
Everyone will love this last minute dessert that needs neither time not special ingredients and is as good as it gets.
All you need is a couple of lemons, greek thick strained yogurt, cookies (biscuits) and the spoon-sweet that is in your pantry.
I have used   YIAM’s sweet strawberries with balsamic, an amazing dessert, half way between a jam and a spoon-sweet, with nice sized pieces of real fruit inside.
So try it… easy, quick to make and guaranteed to please.


Ingredients to serve four.


500gr strained yogurt

1 lemon zest and juice

4tsp sugar

1 jar YIAM sweet strawberries with balsamic.

For presentation,

Cookies (biscuits) of your choice, lemon and almond/coconut being a good choice.

Strawberries with balsamic spoon-sweet.





Mix the sugar with the lemon zest and juice in a bowl and put aside for about half an hour.
When ready to serve, mix well the yogurt with the flavoured sugar.
In a large whisky glass (tumbler), put a layer of cracked biscuits, two tablespoonfuls of the cream, another layer of cracked biscuits, more cream and finally top it with some more of the sweet strawberries with balsamic.

Delight your friends…!

Serve with a sweet wine from Manolidis Winery


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