cuttlefish and spinach

Rice with cuttlefish and spinach

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This rice with cuttlefish and spinach  is one of the oldest Greek recipes traditionally marrying seafood with veggies.
The cuttlefish gives the spinach a certain sweetness and in return takes from it a bit of tanginess.

During Lent, before Greek Easter, spinach and other veggies are bountiful and always provide a good choice for any meal for this time of fasting.
The cuttlefish are a perfect match for the spinach abundant in spring and this is a Lent classic in Greece.
Cuttlefish with spinach is even better when accompanied with your favorite rice.
For many of us here in Greece, this dish will bring back memories of the whole adventure. Going down to the beach or port to buy the cuttlefish fresh off the fishing boats, cleaning them and making a mess with the ink splashing all over.
Then there was the fight over the trophy … The biggest cuttlefish bone which would be carved into a small boat for bragging rights…
Any unclaimed bones would placed in the canary cage for our singer to rub his beak on.

So here is the easy way to cuttlefish with spinach and rice.


To serve two


One jar of yiam cuttlefish with spinach.
250 gr basmati rice
Butter to taste
Fine chopped parsley




Cook the rice according to the instruction on the package or to taste.
Empty the jar of cuttlefish with spinach in a small pan, add two tablespoonfuls of water and heat on low or microwave according to instructions on jar.
When the rice is done, add some butter and serve on a plate with the cuttlefish and spinach on top.
Sprinkle the parsley and a bit of ground black pepper and serve hot.
This may well become a favourite dish, especially for Lent and other times of fasting.
You can of course try other varieties of rice to your taste or even just some freshly baked bread and your choice of salad.

Just one jar of yiam cuttlefish with spinach and a little imagination will make for a great meal for two.

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