Cheese rolls with graviera cheese and pasteli spoon-sweet

Cheese rolls with graviera cheese and pasteli spoon-sweet.

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Cheese rolls with graviera cheese and pasteli spoon-sweet, unique and lovable.
Try these flutes and you will love them immediately.

Cheese rolls with graviera cheese or, as we call them in greek, flogheres, and pasteli spoon-sweet.
Try them and you will like them…
The pairing of the salty graviera (or other hard yellow cheese of your preference) with the sweet taste of pasteli might at first sound weird but, trust me, you will love it.
These graviera flogheres with pasteli spoon-sweet will soon join your other favorite appetisers




300 gr phyllo pastry

1 jar YIAM pasteli spoon-sweet

100 gr cracked walnuts

100 gr grated graviera or other hard yellow cheese of your choice

White pepper, coarse ground

Parsley finely chopped

Olive oil or melted butter for the phyllo pastry.




Butter or oil one sheet of phyllo pastry, fold in half for a more rectangular shape and butter again.
Lay on the grated cheese, the roasted cracked walnuts and spread on top one tablespoonful of the pasteli spoon-sweet, well mixed in its syrup.
Sprinkle some of the finely chopped parsley and coarse ground white pepper on top.
Roll the phyllo pastry loosely into the shape of a cylinder while carefully tucking in the ends.
Place in a baking tray, with the “seam” underneath, butter again and bake for 15mins at 170-180 C.
You can modify the ingredients and quantities for a spicier, sweeter, saltier or hotter result.
Ideas to try out : You can add a small quantity of sun-dried tomato pesto or even some finely chopped sweet and hot Florina peppers for more of a gourmet result…!
Serve while hot and dress with a bit more of the pasteli spoon-sweet.
Serve either at the start of a meal with the appetisers or towards the end with the cheeses.


A white Chardonnay from Manolidis winery is an excellent match, but ouzo, tsipouro and other distillates will be fine, even a strong malt or grappa will do very nicely.


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