Cheese saganaki with mavrodaphni sweet wine and figs.

Cheese saganaki with mavrodaphni sweet wine and figs.

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A different cheese saganaki this one, it is done with mavrodaphni sweet wine and dried figs.

It is bound to become one of your favourite mezes for ouzo and tsipouro every time you gather with friends.
As unusual as it may sound, do not turn away from this cheese saganaki with mavrodaphni sweet wine and dried figs because it seems so different.
Try it and the sweet while salty taste will become a favourite.


Ingredients for two.


150 gr hard yellow cheese (a slice about 1cm thick for a kefalotyri)
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
A little flour
1 tsp ground hot red peppers
Non stick frying pan
1 jar YIAM dry figs in mavrodaphni with black pepper




Dip the slice of cheese in water and then in the flour so as to fully cover it. Shake off the excess flour.
When the oil is well heated in the frying pan, put the cheese in and leave until golden. Season with the hot red ground pepper and remove from the heat.
Dice the mavrodaphni figs and cover the top of the cheese slice.
Add a couple of spoonfuls on a side dish.
As is customary with any saganaki, this is served in its own small frying pan, the saganaki, sizzling hot with all the aroma of the figs and the mavrodaphni filling the air.


Besides ouzo and tsipouro, this saganaki is also a perfect accompaniment to a chilled white Chardonnay.

Try a very good Chardonnay wine from Manolidis Winery




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