The tastiest, home made, chili con carne

The tastiest, home made, chili con carne

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You can treat yourself the tastiest, home made, chili con carne to in minutes
Chili con carne as Mexican as it is Greek
Ideal for a hot summer August beach lunch

A chili con carne brings to mind images of desert cacti, Mexicans wearing sombreros playing their guitars and having a plateful of spicy hot beans with minced beef in a tin plate…
Beans and minced beef are however also typical of a Mediterranean meal,
So a yiam homemade bean soup and bolognese sauce will take you to Mexico in a few minutes…
Besides, the hot August sun and a magical sandy Greek beach is not that different from Mexico…
You can adapt your chili to your idea of hot and spicy.
Because after all what is a chili con carne ?

Hot peppers with minced beef and beans in a thick red sauce
Which, in Greek, translates to a bean soup with hot peppers and bolognese minced beef…


To serve two people

One jar of yiam beansoup with sausage and peppers
Half a jar yiam bolognese sauce
200 gr rice, basmati or jasmin
2 tbsp strained yogurt (greek yogurt)
Paprika, hot or sweet, to taste.




Having boiled the rice according to instruction on the package serve on two plates.
Mix the bean soup and minced beef in a small pan και ζεσταίνουμε το μείγμα μέχρι να πάρει μια πρώτη  βράση.
And heat to just boiling
Pour over the rice, add two spoonfuls of Greek yogurt and paprika

And enjoy the tastiest, home made, chili con carne …

You can make it as hot as you like by adding hot pepper powder or flakes
Instead of rice you can also serve your chili con carne with pitta bread or mashed potatoes
For a totally Mexican chili serve it with tortillas, bought or home made.

Any way you do it, it will be your own personal favorite chili con carne…


The tastiest, home made, chili con carne


A Mexican classic now on your table in an easy and homemade yiam version…!


Serve with a classic red wine from manolidis winery