Yiam 7 days box

The Menu of the week! 10 homemade plates ready to be consumed, you only have to heat them for 3 minutes No preservatives, no additives! Pure home cooked meals for every day! We choose Greek organic meat from Bairamoglou Farm, fresh vegetables and only extra virgin olive oil. We apply the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000: 2004





MONDAY: Bean soup with sausage, 1 portion and with one rice it becomes 2 portions

TUESDAY: Yuvarlakia with lemon sauce, 1 portion

WEDNESDAY: A combination of two products with Briam and Bolognese sauce. Put them in the oven in a pan with grated cheese, 3 portions. Find the recipe on the site, If you cook your favorite pasta you can have two portions of spaghetti with blognese sauce

THURSDAY: Veal giouvetsi, 1 portion

FRIDAY: Cuttlefish with spinach, 1 portion or with rice make two portions of cuttlefish with spinach and rice

SATURDAY: A combination of two products with Pork and peppers in wine sauce and baby potatoes confit, 2 portions or instead of potatoes use rice and you have 2 portions with pork with rice. The potatoes can also be made to a potato salad with oregano, onion and oil vinegar, or fried with their oil 1 portion

SUNDAY: Stifado veal with mushrooms, with vegetable puree, 2 portions, or with a pasta to accompany the veal is made in two portions, and with the vegetable puree you accompany meat and fish or you accompany it with cheese.


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Weight 8000 g