Kataifi Prawns with “yiam florina peppers sweet and hot”

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by Cokos from Bali

For 4
8 medium size prawns
Kataifi dough (“shredded” phyllo dough)
Melted butter
1 jar yiam florina  peppers sweet and hot
100gr fresh dairy cream
50 – 80gr feta cheese
Oil for frying
Remove shell from the prawns and devein.
Spread/fluff the kataifi dough and brush with the melted butter.
Wrap the prawn with the kataifi dough and fry.
Season with salt after frying to keep them juicy and place on kitchen paper todrain.
Blend the feta cheese and dairy cream together into a smooth sauce and lay iton your serving dish.
Scatter the prawns on the feta sauce and serve with someyiam sweet & hot florina peppers around each prawn for a colorful result.


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