Shrimp kataifi with feta sauce and Florina sweet spicy peppers.

Shrimps in kataifi with Florina sweet peppers

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An unexpected marriage of well known ingredients leading to an impressive taste.
Shrimps in kataifi pastry with feta sauce and Florina sweet spicy peppers is the finger food to enrich your appetizers and distilled spirits.

It was  an idea of chef Costis Panousopoulos, from his trip to Bali, to wrap the shrimp in kataifi pastry and serve with the slightly hot feta sauce and the spicy sweet Florina peppers.
This is an ideal meze for ouzo and tsipouro and will impress any foodie with the flavours and textures… it may well be the ultimate meze.

It is of course vital to buy the best and freshest shrimp of a good size.


Ingredients  to serve four

8 medium size shrimp

Some kataifi fyllo pastry

Some butter to coat the fyllo

1 jar  Tomato sauce with sweet peppers and feta cheese

100 gr fresh dairy cream

50-80 gr feta cheese


Oil for frying




Shell the shrimp and carefully remove the thin black intestine from its back.

Working quickly, to prevent it from drying, open up the kataifi fyllo pastry and brush it with butter .

Wrap the shrimp with the kataifi fyllo pastry and fry in medium hot frying oil.

Season to taste after frying.

Make a sauce with the feta cheese and the fresh dairy cream and spread it on your dish.

Create “nests” of the sweet spicy red Florina peppers and serve the shrimp in them.


Enjoy  shrimp kataifi with feta sauce and Florina sweet spicy peppers with a dry wine from Manolidis Winery


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