Mushrooms and caramelized onions

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Variety of wild mushrooms and agaric cultures, cooked with caramelized onions, and herbs 200g


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A variety of wild and cultured mushrooms cooked with caramelized onions and herbs.
You can use it as a foundation for a quick mushroom soup by mixing and heating with water or, even better, meat or chicken stock.
You can serve it as a mezze accompanied by mature cheese or cooked liver but also as a side dish for grilled meats, rice, etc. Chopped and mixed with about 1/2kg of ground beef will give you some great beef burgers for your barbeques.

Serving tips :
Warm up and serve as a side dish to a juicy steak.
Use as the base for mushroom risotto.
Fill baked potatoes.
Spread on a slice of grilled real bread and float on top of a steaming hot mushroom soup.

No preservatives, no additives
After opening, it is kept in the refrigerator




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