The Idea
Yiam is my dream come true.
20 years ago my cooking hobby became my profession.
In 1993 we decided to leave Athens and settle in a small village surrounded by good farmland and this opened my eyes to a new world.
I was a happy mother of three boys that became a self taught farmer.
My books, as much as my welly boots, were my tools of learning all about the greek soil, the fresh farm produce of every season and how traditional greek cooking could work wonders with all these treasures… I fell in love with the smells of a wet field and freshly cut fruit and veggies, this became my aromatherapy.
All this natural goodness fed my young family, then all our good friends, then friends were asking for a jar of this and a box of that… and so was born yiam…
My cooking pots and pans grew to a small workshop and this grew to a full size cottage industry.
The little yiam jars with my trademark cooking pot on them have been the life of my family and myself for the past 20 years.
In my pots and pans I cook what I like to eat and feed to my children (by now handsome young men) and all that I share with my friends.

I am AVRA PANOUSOPOULOU and I welcome you to my world.

“Enjoy our Nature’s gifts on your table. Through Yiam.gr and our Social Media, we will be with you with recipes and ideas. JOIN US…!”
Why Choose Us
Natural food is taken from the world's most modern farms with strict safety cycles


We are 20 years old

Our fans have been loving yiam, as do we, for the past 20 years.


Easy cooking with our jars

All your dishes can be prepared in half the time since half of your ingredients are ready to use from the jar


All our products are handmade and contain no preservatives

All our products are handmade and contain no preservatives, artificial colourings or other additives. I choose all my raw materials for the best quality and taste. Our olive oil is always extra virgin, we cook in traditional pots and pans and absolutely everything is made right in my workshop and under my direct supervision.


We have quality certification

We are certified for all our processes. We have ISO 22000:2005 issued by Letrina organisation.


Limited production products

We are and intend to remain a small greek business. Choosing yiam means that you choose to support a small local business that, in turn, supports the local workforce and producers, thus the greek countryside.


6. They have said about us…

From Greece and our bright sun, we send to you the best marmalades, the most delicious appetizers, traditional sweets and many more home made delicacies, which we make here, in the village of Agia.
All our products are made from scratch, in a modern establishment, with the highest quality materials and the outmost attention to every detail, so we can achieve the best quality and the most exquisite taste in any product you may choose to try.

Avra Panousopoulou

Owner, Yiam co.